Temporary Changes to Credit Accounts at South Coast Building Supplies

What's going on with my Credit Account?

We're currently going through an internal upgrade of our systems within South Coast Building Supplies, which will affect the usability and status of our current registered and approved Credit Accounts.

To ensure there's no discrepencies whilst we transition to our new upgraded system, we're taking precautions to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. One of our precautions is going to require the credit accounts on our system to be temporarily changed to cash accounts. After this transition, we will reinstate the status of your credit account and normal service shall resume. We will also send a follow up email to inform you of your account's return to being a Credit Account.

How long will it be before I get my Credit Account status back?

We expect to be running at full speed with our new system by sometime in August. This is likely when your Credit Account will be reinstated to you and you will be able to return to normal service as usual with your account. Once we're completed with our transition and we're ready to reinstate your account, we will email you informing your of the return of your credit status to your account.

I've just registered for a Credit Account, what happens next?

We will be aware of anyone who tries to make a credit account in between this period. When we're ready to reinstate already established accounts back to their regular statis, we will also then update your account to be upgraded to a Credit Account as well pending approval for the account. This is likely to happen sometime in August.

We thank you for your understanding and patience whilst we undertake this exciting upgrade to our systems.

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