We have received your specifications from your configuration.

What's next?

You will receive an email which will include your quotation attached as a PDF. Here you'll find further information regarding:

  • Further information on what you can expect from South Coast Building Supplies regarding your porch/garage configuration
  • An indepth description of your porch/garage configuration
  • Delivery/collection information
  • Payment terms
  • What's included in your kit price
  • Payment terms
  • Contact information to discuss your quotation

If you're happy with your configuration quote, please sign and date the document and send it back to [email protected] including your quote reference in the title and body of the email (You will find the quote reference in the PDF document of your quotation).

When we have received the signed document permitting that you have happy with the quotation. Then, we will begin the process of bringing your configuration to life.

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