South Coast Building Supplies stocks a comprehensive range of precision made steel lintels in a range of sizes in Southampton, Andover and Poole

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  1. Birtley CB90 3000mm
    Birtley CB90 3000mm
    £1,096.68 per EACH
  2. Birtley CB90 3600mm
    Birtley CB90 3600mm
    £1,436.40 per EACH
  3. Birtley CB90 3900mm
    Birtley CB90 3900mm
    £1,790.40 per EACH
  4. Birtley CB90 900mm
    Birtley CB90 900mm
    £233.64 per EACH
  5. Birtley CB90 3300mm
    Birtley CB90 3300mm
    £1,260.00 per EACH
  6. Birtley CB70 3000mm
    Birtley CB70 3000mm
    £1,120.08 per EACH
  7. Birtley LA 1200mm
    Birtley LA 1200mm
    £180.96 per EACH
  8. Birtley LA 1500mm
    Birtley LA 1500mm
    £233.16 per EACH
  9. Birtley CB50 3000mm
    Birtley CB50 3000mm
    £1,111.20 per EACH
  10. Birtley LA 2100mm
    Birtley LA 2100mm
    £374.16 per EACH
  11. Birtley LA 2400mm
    Birtley LA 2400mm
    £441.36 per EACH
  12. Birtley LA 900mm
    Birtley LA 900mm
    £133.56 per EACH
  13. Birtley CB70 3600mm
    Birtley CB70 3600mm
    £1,423.20 per EACH
  14. Birtley LA 1800mm
    Birtley LA 1800mm
    £294.12 per EACH
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Items 1-36 of 60

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